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19 September 2005




I think your Fanny and my Fanny should get together!

And I am jealous that your search terms are so much more inspired. I'm running out to buy a bag of marshmallows and an enema kit right this second. Lucky for me, I actually live in the farting house, so this is something we do everyday.

xxx VS


That was hilarious!

Easily Aroused

And with that very funny post, you've managed to put a smile back onto my face after a day that was anything but a sweet doglove afternoon...


Edgy Mama

OMG. And I was impressed that someone got me by typing "boobs, boobs, boobs."


Oh dear God.

I have had such writers block, and now I have an answer. I love you.

shiny zebra stripe men fetish?

giantess farting houses?

Boba Fett wears polka dot underwear?

You have killed me. I am dead.

I simply cannot go on in a world that cannot be funnier than that.

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