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26 September 2005



Yes, I know, dear.

Don't feel like you are weak in any way for letting go like that. I hope, over time, this has a positive influence on your state of mind...





Edgy Mama

Sweet release, Chels, sweet release.


Lawrence also suggested this "pure commingling" from our "lower selves" has something to do with the "moon".


You made that experience sing so beautifully, and in the ass it's like that for me too, it's like he's opened my vena cava and rammed his cock right through my heart, I end up sobbing and devastated and in a million pieces, every time, and then he puts me back together. Every. Single. Time. (And I'd be devastated if he stopped.) Maybe there's more in that picture of you two than meets the eye (or ass)? Just a thought, darling, you know the man and we don't, but any boy who can do *that* to a girl...


I love the way you write. I love the way you tell us and your loved ones, your honest words. Yes, sometimes it is too much to hold in, sometimes we need to release, let it out, in wails in sobs, in rapturous joy. For me it is not enough to release, the release must tell me something.Just keep listening for awhile.


Wow, girl.


It's not easy. And I am sorry, and I wish I could help that little girl.

I think we can be blindsided by our emotions from the inside. I think that often happens, when one is carrying so much around, and helping so much to carry others.

I hope you are feeling better now.


Oh, sweetie, I can relate. I was with a guy once, and we were doing something fairly kinky, and afterwards, I just started sobbing.

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