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06 September 2005



Again, my compliments on a very well written How-To.


I repeat: I've read a lot of other anal instruction. Yours tells you *how.* I especially appreciated your emphasis on the emotional elements and the need for cuddling and/or emotional release after. Thanks again, CG. It means a lot.



Hold on to that thought, darling. I'm running off to class. Miss you! (Sexy wench!)

Adoringly yours,



Free your ass and your mind will follow! Hah! Now I must go get funky with my buttplug, etc. My mind requires freeing.


oops, there I go again. CG, you're a veritable ambassador to buggery. Put it in the stack with The Cunting Linguist's guides to oral for some fabulous, motivational primers to doing it with style and grace. Thanks.


This is great. Even though I've had experience with this before, I could use this step by step how-to guide to convince any future prospects. Thanks for the detailed summaries.


Nice, CG. Very nice. I hear Gander promised you flowers.....Goose


I love you!I love this post! I love my ass!


remittance girl


What a great, thoughtful, humorous HOW TO. Plus, I can't stress enough that, if you are feeling icky about doing it because of the "dirty" factor... the enema really helps make you feel a lot safer about that. We'll it did me, anyway.



chelsea girl



All's I'm trying to do is make the world a more pleasurable place, one anus at a time.

xxxxx to each and every one of you,

becky sue

To some, you are evidently the Boddhisatva of Booty. But to me, you will always be the Fornication Fairy, showering the world with light, joy and Tushiesprinkles wherever you go.


If I weren't quite smitten with you already, this series of posts would have done it.


So, you wanna come over and coach us? Make sure I remember all the steps? Blow a whistle and throw a flag if something goes awry? :)

I bet you'd be the best buttfucking coach in history!


whatever we know, we don't know enough. ty for the nuts and bolts.


My favourite way of prepping her for anal love is to shower with her. Let my hands slide all over her.

Washing her.

Taking her to the bedroom.

And licking her. Letting my togue slide over it lightly. Probing just a little bit.

In no time, she's begging for it.

And of course - I'm more than happy to give a woman what she wants.

chelsea girl


Thank you all for your love and attention, and your love at attention, and your loving attention, and your attenuated lovin'.

And so forth.

And DB, I'm guessing from reading both your comments and your blog that you have progressed far beyond anything I could possibly presume to teach you and yours.

So kudos to you and your beloved.

And Becky Sue, "tushiesprinkles" might be my new favorite ice cream topping, you know, after rainbow jimmies.



"It takes an almost metaphysical level of openness to find pleasure in that acceptance"

That is beautiful indeed. I'm not a big fan of "sex" blogs, but yours is very different, emotional.

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