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04 September 2005



I took all of your advice a few weeks ago and the experience was completely gratifying. Before asking you it was always uncomfortable.

Thank you for addressing this and for letting yourself out there for readers to be comfortable in asking you such sensitive issues.

Fun, Fun!


Excellent, I may very well try it.


Sweetheart, you're my friend to the end. Thanks! This will be laminated and a thing of beauty...
kisses, O


Holy toledo. The first PSA that ever gave me a hard-on.


Wow, what a cool post!

Informative. AND titillating.


I'd like to echo gander's sentiments. The world needs more PSA's like this, we're too closed-mouthed about sex as it is...


As one of the few people to express sympathy for your plight, and the only one singled out for recognition, you can guess that I found this post both charming and erotic.

As an occasional instructional designer I also found it admirable. There are plenty of other, technically better expositions on how to buttfuck (or, more properly, the introduction of penis or penile surrogate into the rectum via the anal sphincter) but this one tells us *how to* with a very nice generalized-from-the-personal perspective. Nice work, CG. Thanks.



Doh! I meant to add that if one wanted clinical terms one should go to a clinic and introduce their penile surrogates there. If they want to enjoy some nice ass fucking instead they should go to you.




Hurrah for the PSA!

juicy m

My best tip/hint would be: if the plug or penis or dildo feels uncomfortable, take it out and reinsert it, as often the second time you put it immediately feels much more comfortable.


This is a long overdue comment, my dear Chelsea Girl, but I had to return here at some point, in order to congratulate you on your educational and enlightening ode to the butt (and nothing but the butt). From experience, as both the fucker and the fuckee, I can attest to your thoroughness and insight; nevertheless, there is also a part of me that is grateful for the refresher course, as preparation for adventures to come...

I thank you from the bottom of my heart...or perhaps the heart of my bottom...


(O says hi...x)

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