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12 September 2005



I'm a little stunned at how insightful this post is. Not stunned that you produced an insightful post, mind you, but of how it grew up out of Saturday's play...(congrats, BTW, on getting back in the saddle again...metaphorically, of course)

Of course, the image of Gloria Steinham wearing a ball gag that just popped into my head is going to haunt me forever...


You go girl.

Used Hack

One of my friends is a submissive and I've never been able to fully understand why she enjoys it. This helps. Thanks. :)

Cat Daddy

hah. that didn't take long. good girl.


True, and beautifully said. When I gave myself to my first master (actually I sold myself to him, but that's another story!) he and I both recognized explicitly that you can't give (or sell) what you don't already own. (Later he sold me; his right, he owned me then.) If we were stilll living in a prefeminist era in which a woman automatically became a man's chattel without her consent, that transfer of ownership from me to my first owner would have meant infinitely less, at least to us. Because I truly knew I owned myself, giving myself meant the world to me, to him. I'll never be free again (I hope), and I don't usually refer to myself as a feminist (sounds odd coming from a sex slave), but it's because of feminism that I was able to surrender myself unconditionally to my enslavement. (Such a paradox! Well, consensual slaves live with with all sorts of paradoxes...) Thanks for writing this, and I love your journal, blog on!


Well, damn! Good post and wildly arousing making me wish I had Gander here. What with all the submissive posts here and on metawhores and on figleaf I'm insane with lust. I want it all baby and I want it now. And I kind of want you.


I never quite looked at feminism like that, I had always known that it was about choice for women, if they wanted to work on an oil derrick in Alaska they had the right. Of course that was what I thought the suffragettes and the 60's were about, now though I thought that NOW was nothing but a bunch of fat bull dykes that thought they could make a family without a man, I'm glad there are still some mainstream feminists out there like you.

However there is no such thing as carefree sex, every action, even the non-sexual, has a reaction, be it a STD or a child, luckily there are methods to stop these "reactions".

Please continue to blog, you have a wonderful way of writing, keep it up.

Edgy Mama

Oh baby. I'm soooo with you. Roar on. And a bit more info. about that little vibratory remote toy??


I've been blog-hopping and I noticed today that your "nemesis" Pink has been discovered as a writer. I wonder how that makes you feel? Happy for her? Jealous? Like taking your ball-gag out long enough to admit that she's talented? Or like shoving your ball-gag into her mouth until she chokes on it? Or do you not share your ball-gag?

chelsea girl

Um...gosh...so many reactions, so few of my braincells.

Forgive me, I'm a bit overtired at the moment, really...

I thank those of you who have given me support, wished me well and praised my pretty dumb things.

And specifically to Curious, what do I think of Pink Heart's success? Cool for her. I've always averred that she has talent. It's inspiring to see someone be rewarded for her writing.

(Go to pinkcandyhearts.blogs.com, if you all want to see for yourselves.)

Finally, Curious, you ask do I share my ballgag? Not without proper disinfection and proper motivation. Care to come closer, little girl?

becky sue

I didn't realize that Pink was your nemesis. I've read her only when someone else linked to her blog and thought her writing was laughably immature and superficial. Nemesis to you? Hardly.


not with you on your bit about gender being a culture thing, i thought the brain was hard wired in the first six week of a babies existance.

Thats why you occasionaly get people with wierd genitalia, which is usually the result of some kidney failure to create a specific hormone at that point in the six week window, rah ,rah ,rah.

Ever read the book "brave new world"? I just remebered the way people were born in that society, fermented in jars that travelled a conveyor belt through a cource of many miles. Some characters joke about the main characters weird behaviour as being a result of salt or alchohol being put into his jar at 1300 meters.

In my opinion, when we learn to submit to each other and leave the power games at the door to allow ourselves to explore each other and become the better people we know we can be, it is then which eqaulity of spirit not body becomes true.

Dont try to make the flesh eqaul, for it is an excercise in self defeat. Our bodies have adapted to the situation for a reason, and it is not physical experimentation that is needed but spiritual(not religous) experimentation.

Our spirits are not mature enough to cope with the capabilites of our physical bodies.

nuff said im sounding wierd..

chelsea girl


Gender, that is where one slips in on the sliding scale between masculinity and femininity, is a social construct; sex, that is whether one is male or female or hermaphrodite, is biological.

As for submission games, darling, the biggest and best organ we have is between our ears; I'll use mine as I want. You'll use yours as you want. He, she, it & they will use his, hers, its & theirs as is his, hers, its & their wont.

That's what I mean by equality: the right to choose, the right to respect and be respected, the right to be treated with parity. We all have the right to give up power--or to receive it--in bed equally, and I, for one, enjoy games wherein I give up my right to parity for some limited and ruled play. I want that; it is my choice.

And often I find that what I want is *exactly* transcendant and spiritual in nature.

You do what you want; I will do what I want.

Thanks for thinking.


I'm a bit late on this one, but I've only just begun reading your blog. This is fabulous. It is only because we have power that we can surrender power, and because it is consensual and the consent can be withdrawn, surrendering the power only transforms it instead of removing it.

Regarding the permission, the freedom, endowed by submission, yes. It is sweet and uniquely freeing of the mental from the physical, of the cultural from the sensual. And just as you averred, it is feminism that gives the consensual submission of women possibility and meaning.

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