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03 August 2005



I love each and every layer of you, peeled off here for us.
Have you read Rebecca Goldstein's The Mind-Body Problem? She writes about her own particular mind-body problem there: "I am beautiful for a smart woman, and smart for a beautiful one"--never feeling she's enough of either, always feeling this dichotomy.
(It's not the best novel ever written, but there are some good bits.)
I wonder why it should be so hard to be both??--it is. But why?


...And she's only 21...

I think you had just been "caught up" in work that required nothing but a body and a few good moves, as you say. Self discovery is the hardest thing but the reward is priceless.
Glad you're here.

Edgy Mama

Amazing, aching story. Sadly, lots of women dumb themselves down, whether consciously or not, to fit into cultural, patriachal mores. We've all done it. Luckily, most of us move on. Eventually, the mountain turns into a hill, and one day, I hope into a smooth, roller-bladable street!


You are amazing. Period.


Your comment: "But it’s not for me. Give me the points and spikes, the hard and brutal rocks of being a smart woman. I’d rather impale myself on my own thoughts than rest easy in the dirt of the dumb. This choice was one I made consciously, and it wasn’t a choice that was easy for me. At all.

You’ll see."

My comment: I seriously think we were twins in another life, only you were the smarter one.


wow... Reading this post made me realize I'm doing the same thing, though through a different method. Thanks for the insight, without the cost of therapy!

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