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30 August 2005



Chelsea girl,

Your blog is very deep and clever.
I'm reading you with intense pleasure.
Your writing is just extraordinary sensitive and bright.

I know how it sound. But I really mean it.
Keep it up, indeed.



I think you forgot a vital component of your list:


Seriously, you seem to be one of the people who helps everyone else keep it together, even as your struggle with your own life, and I admire that.


Chelsea - Thank you so, so, so much for posting that letter.
I have a very close person in my life who is depressed - at one time he was extremely depressed and suicidal.
Your letter helped me to understand, to see, to almost feel what he was going through - what I was going through.
I wasn't so good when it came to advice for him. In the beginning I was one of those people who said - "it'll get better". But I knew there had to be another way to reach him... something, anything. I then told him to write, write, write, and write some more.
Your letter made me realize that I gave him good advice, it made me realize that since I've told him to write - he took my advice - he's been getting better. (He also got professional help - which I begged him to do as well.)
Anyway, I'm going on a rant now - but thank you for posting such a deep and meaningful letter.


I agree with S.C., You. You. You.


I want you to be my therapist.



Suicide is devastating to those left behind. I know. I lost my 16 year old daughter on 1/27/03. For that brief moment, her pain exceeded her coping skills and we lost her.

Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers. I'm not much for prayer I think God, if He exists has me on mute, But I'll say them just in case.


You know, this almost had me in tears the first time I read it and it does again. It's a beautiful letter, and I wish everyone in that place were lucky enough to have a friend like you say such words.
And I wish I could go to the 12 year old you and hug you.

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