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29 May 2005


The Zero Boss

In my household, the footrub is the standard instrument of foreplay.

Kissing? Meh. Sometimes sex is a tongue-tangled tryst, and sometimes it's a straight Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman kind of affair.


My wife loves me to kiss her neck and lick her behind the ear. Sometimes she requests ear lobe nibbling. Having said that, she also uses sex as way to bribe me into giving her a massage.


All I have to say is that kissing has gotten me far this weekend.


Yep, I remember being kissed a time or two (or several dozen) this weekend.

But the way I knew my current guy was a keeper? When he told me (during our first time in bed together, no less) that he'd just discovered the most amazing spot on my body. It was 2 or 3 degrees warmer, incredibly soft, and he already knew that I liked to have it stroked gently, plus he'd claimed it as his own.

The spot? Not at all obvious - it's the crease on the back of my leg where my thigh meets my butt. He was right - on all counts. He's since discovered other heretofore unknown-to-me erogenous zones. And I'm quite liking the exploration...!


No kidding on the kissing thing. "Soul kissing" huh? It's been a long time since I've heard it called that but it really does fit doesn't it? And you're right, there's nothing like it when you're fully dressed, locked together on a couch trying to send everything you want, and mean, and know through the narrow portals of your joined lips.

Frottage I've used much more recently, but that too is highly overrated, and fits perfectly, totally enhancing those kisses.

Mmmm. Necking!

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