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19 March 2005



This is what makes you an excellent blogger, indeed, this is what makes the ability to make me open my eyes wider and say, "Oh, shit, I never even thought/realized/looked about/it that way. Yikes."
So, now and forever more I will look at Clutch as Cootch, mine and everyone else's. Thank you, I think. No, definitely, thank you. Once again, you have made the world a more interesting place.
But I still can't figure out what this damn purse is. Eotkier? What? Isn't that a Swedish beer? How do you spell it again? Christ.


I recently have had the same thoughts. Not for purses, but for shoes. The fact that I now have more shoes than my wife does not make me gay. Unless you mean that I am happy. (For this post I am disregarding commas. That’s right. Not comas, but commas.)

Oh! By the way, the wife calls me a food geek. Think Alton Brown. Not as witty, but I have more hair. Yes, on my head. No! The one on top. (OK: maybe once in while I remember where to place the commas, but I totally disregard the use of colons.)

Does this sound like Douglas Adams reincarnate? I need my own blog site?


You are just such a *girl*.

Which is a good thing.

Happy one year, a few days too early.

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